7 Ways To Prevent Jewelry From Turning Fingers Green

We can all relate to the irritation of wearing lovely jewelry all day only to take it off at night to see that unattractive green mark of shame. Thankfully, it's not unusual. You may resolve the issue very easily as well.

You should be aware that any lotion, hand cream, or perfume might cause jewelry metals like copper, brass, pewter, or silver to react. Even acidic perspiration has the power to trigger it.

The explanation is rather technical: salty compounds develop on the skin when acids from sweat or other products come into contact with the metal. Alternately, the metal oxidizes and tarnishes.

That said, the green mark from the jewelry you can see on your finger is quite safe. It implies that the jewelry's metal interacts with the skin's acids. It could also be brought on by a similar chemical reaction brought on by a lotion, soap, or moisturizer you're applying.

However, if you have the typical "green finger" issue, there are a few methods to prevent it from happening.

1. Clear nail polish

One of the simplest tools in your cosmetic kit, clear nail polish, may stop the jewelry from leaving stains on your skin. This will assist if you brush your back or the areas that contact your skin.

2. Use jewelry skin guard

Try jewelry skin guard if the nail polish solution is insufficient for you. It is available on Amazon.

3. Avoid water and soap

Avoiding water and soap while wearing jewelry is another way to prevent green skin, claims Business Insider. That implies:

  • Take off your jewelry when washing your hands or exposing your skin to water. While the ring is still on your finger, refrain from using soap; this will reduce oxidation and avoid stains.
  • Jewelry should never be worn when exercising or swimming.
  • When it's humid, you may even forgo jewelry.
  • Before re-putting on your jewelry, properly dry your hands.

4. Anti-tarnishing cloths

Keep some anti-tarnish cloths on hand. Gently washing down your non-precious metals might assist if it seems that they are beginning to oxidize. Plastic bags may also impede the process if you store these parts.

Anti-tarnishing cloths are available on Amazon for less than $10.

5. Avoid letting any earrings touch your skin

The clear, hypoallergenic plastic of this pierced earring protection covers shields every component of your earrings, preventing any metal from coming into contact with your ears. You may use both posts and wires with them, and this package also includes a complimentary polishing cloth.