How to Pack Jewelry for a Move? 9 Perfect Ways to Keep Them Safe

Moving houses may be confusing, despite how wonderful it is: you might not even know where your toothbrush is, much alone your prized possessions and belongings. With the help of our expert-backed instructions on how to pack necklaces for moving, you can reduce your stress during the process and relocate with more assurance that your jewelry will reach your new home safely.

These are the best methods to pack all sorts of necklaces for moving, whether they are large statement pieces, delicate strands, expensive items, or significant personal significance. (Bonus: Many of these shifting techniques are cheap, simple, and use common items you probably already have at home.)

How to pack necklaces for moving

Option 1: In a jewelry box

This one doesn't need a unique hack: If you have a jewelry box, put your necklaces within the slots created for them and use them to carry them. Bonus: They're already there when you move into your new house!

Avoid jewelry boxes that dangle from hooks or rods if you're seeking to buy one before moving since they depend on gravity and may cause your necklaces to fall out while in transport. Choose a model that has separate compartments instead.

Option 2: In a jewelry roll


Consider a jewelry roll to be a jewelry box that rolls up or to be similar to a cinnamon roll with your diamonds in the place of the icing. You put your jewels inside, wrap them up, and secure them with a knot or snap with this storage method. An excellent jewelry roll can be used for ordinary home storage, relocation, and travel.

Option 3: In drinking straws

Ordinary drinking straws made of paper rather than plastic might be excellent solutions for securely storing jewelry.

Simply pass a necklace chain through the straw and fasten. Trim the straw to suit shorter necklaces.

Option 4: Inside toilet paper rolls

Use recycled toilet paper or paper towel rolls to attach your collection's huge, chunky statement necklaces rather than delicate chains while packing.

The procedure is the same: Thread your necklaces through the cardboard cylinder like a straw and fasten them with a clasp. (Bonus: You can put earrings in these cardboard tubes to transport them as well.)

Option 5: Inside plastic baggies

Each necklace should be preserved in its unique plastic bag to prevent tangling and scratching during transportation. Use bags with zipper locks to tightly seal them.

If you can, wrap each necklace in cotton pads before putting it into the plastic bags for further protection—cotton aids in moisture absorption and mold prevention.

Option 7: With bubble wrap

You can move your necklaces securely using bubble wrap, which you will probably have on hand if you move. Attach the necklaces to the wrap, then coil the wrap around the jewels.

Option 8: Inside a tackle box

Fishing tackle boxes are already divided into parts, making them ideal for storing jewelry, mainly if you can locate one with movable compartments so you can fit your unique items inside.

Option 9: Inside a pill box

Secure pill containers are excellent for storing tiny jewelry pieces. This is often a preferable option for smaller chains depending on the size of the compartments (or earrings).

Tips for Packing Jewelries

These are the usual packing recommendations from experts for necklaces while moving:

Pack each item individually

To avoid scratching and tangling, keep each piece of jewelry in its container; we suggest small jewelry boxes or bubble wrap bags. This will help the jewelry stay in good condition while being transported.

Control the temperature

Precious metals, the majority of which are heat-sensitive, are used to make necklaces and other types of fine jewelry. Jewelry may bend and lose its complex patterns after spending a long time in an atmosphere that is too hot. For the best jewelry preservation, it is advisable to pack and store your jewelry in a climate-controlled place and kept at or below 75 degrees.

Don’t pack jewelry with newsprint

Depending on the materials, the ink may leave stains on your jewelry that are challenging or impossible to erase.

Carry your valuables with you 

You wouldn't put your passport or necessary drugs in your checked luggage, right? To safeguard and keep these necessary goods close, you would bring them on the aircraft.

When moving with priceless jewelry, use the same logic: keep it close to hand for security and peace of mind.

Even though moving is difficult, if you follow their advice, your jewelry will arrive in wearable condition!