What Is a Tennis Bracelet? Why Is It Called a Tennis Bracelet ?

Tennis bracelets are gorgeous wrist jewelry in various classy, spectacular shapes.

We receive the question, "Where did tennis wristbands earn their name?" regularly. Contrary to popular belief, tennis bracelets have not been around for hundreds of years. Diamond tennis bracelets are available in various designs and clasp kinds. Chris Evert, a professional tennis player whose career lasted from 1972 to 1989, is credited for coining the phrase "tennis bracelet." Discover the history of the tennis bracelet by reading on.

History of the tennis bracelet

Chris Evert, a professional tennis player from the USA whose career spanned from 1972 to 1989, is credited for coining the phrase "tennis bracelet." Her George Bedewi diamond bracelet broke during a tense match at the US Open and slipped off her wrist.

Her bracelet's clasp broke, causing this to happen. Chris Evert requested that the game be stopped until the on-court officials found the diamond bracelet. Since that unforgettable day, George Bedewi has quickly gained recognition in the jewelry business, and jewelers worldwide are making bracelets with secure clasps and hand-cut in-line diamonds. The "Tennis Bracelet" is what it is currently called.

Therefore, when you turn on the tennis, you can see players like Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova wearing stunning bracelets this week.

How to choose the perfect tennis bracelet?

You must take into account your lifestyle when making a tennis bracelet purchase. Since tennis players are wearing them, you might think about purchasing one of these lovely items if you lead an active or sports lifestyle or want to switch things up from bulky bangles.

Remember, you don't want a Chris Evert situation. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure they aren't too loose for this specific bracelet design since they might snag. Getting the ideal fit is crucial since those that are too tight might pinch or stretch. You can always stop by and meet us if you want to receive the precise dimensions and sizes.

A safety clasp that will keep your bracelet firmly and securely fastened to your wrist if the original clasp was to fail or, worse still, open is a feature you'll want to be sure your diamond tennis bracelet has.

Most Diamond Tennis Bracelets will include this function, mainly if the bracelet is more expensive.


Single Row Tennis Bracelets

The Single Row Tennis Bracelet is among the most straightforward designs. This jewelry item is a perfect example of a traditional, timeless design. It is made up of one row of intricately cut diamonds that go around the wrist.

They are lovely and exquisite jewelry, suitable for everyday use and special events, and come in various metals and diamond carat options.

We have a Single Row Tennis Bracelet recommendation for you:

Rise of Stars Bracelet

Double Row Tennis Bracelets

The traditional bracelet gets a little twist thanks to the Double Row Tennis Bracelets. Two rows of stunning diamonds are placed in this exquisitely made piece. The extra line of diamonds, a genuinely magnificent design that can be created with various metal settings and diamond carats, will stand out against any clothing.

We have a Double Row Tennis Bracelet recommendation for you:

Shiny Rain Bracelet

Three Row Tennis Bracelets

When it comes to the Three Row Tennis Bracelet, it does show that you are going all out since this is a genuinely exquisite and distinctive item. For that special occasion when you want to be the center of attention, wear this eye-catching design encrusted with an astounding three rows of diamonds.

We have a Three Row Tennis Bracelet recommendation for you:

Sleek Elegance Bracelet

Four Row Tennis Bracelets

The most luxurious Four Row Tennis Bracelet is the show-stopper of all tennis bracelets. This design is the most valued property and consists of a startling four rows of diamonds set in your chosen metal. Therefore, if you purchase one of the bracelets, you will have a keepsake that your family may pass down through the years.

Tennis Bracelet Clasp Styles

Here are three of our favorite kinds of tennis bracelet clasps among the many available.

Spring Ring Clasp  

The spring ring clasp is the most typical kind of jewelry clasp on bracelets. Pulling back a little lever engages a spring mechanism on a metal ring part of this clasp. This clasp is classy, functional, and safe—ideal for a diamond tennis bracelet!

Lobster Clasp 

Another popular kind of jewelry clasp, the lobster clasp, is similar to the spring ring in that it has an oval-shaped metal ring with a spring mechanism that is activated by drawing back a little lever. This clasp is reliable, adaptable, and safe—ideal for a tennis bracelet with four rows of diamonds!

Barrel Clasp  

Two metal pieces that screw together and resemble a barrel make up the Barrel Clasp. Although very secure, this clasp may be exceedingly difficult to use.


We owe Chris Evert a vast debt of gratitude since we would not have these exquisite jewelry pieces without her. We hope you have gained some insight into the history of the tennis bracelet and how to choose the ideal one. Please explore our website if you are interested in tennis bracelets and our larger selection of bracelets. We have an extensive choice of styles available!